About Us

About Us
Welcome to Beat My Home Loan

Beat My Home Loan is a mortgage company offering exceptional services in all type of loans. If you need a home loan, investment loan or commercial loan speak to one of our specialists today.

Our mortgage professionals will compare and negotiate the most suitable loan to save you time and money. We will strive to beat your major lender’s offer.

Most of the time it’s just a small and common problem and you just need to speak to one of our loan experts about it, so don’t delay. Find out if Beat My Home Loan can help you, call us today!

Step by step guidance, simple lending language and complete customer support – before and after sales. Experience and service that you can depend on.

  • We listen to your needs and dreams to help you stay on the path to success
  • We come to you for your convenience
  • Simple lending language and process with no stress
  • Regular updates via email and SMS on the progress of your loan
  • Step by Step guidance focusing on the next steps
  • We will answer your questions directly, with as much information as we can.
  • Even go on holidays before you settle
  • After Settlement – The journey has ONLY STARTED
  • Step by Step guidance on internet banking, repayments, loan statement
  • Guidance on keeping paper work (contracts of sale, loan contracts and statements etc)
  • Courtesy personal call to see if you have any other questions regarding your loan
  • Monthly updates on the Reserve Bank interest rate movements
  • Quarterly Customer Support Calls
  • Annual Home/Investment Loan Reviews to make sure your loan is still suited to you and your lifestyle
  • Don’t worry if you forget we will remind you
  • Review your home loan progress at least annually to ensure that you are paying if off faster
  • We help you keep track of your 3-6-9 year life goals and dreams (everyone needs to dream)